Collection 'Y2K' created by Rycks is ready for review!

Hm. I was just taking screenshots from the marketplace. How can i do that ? Do i need photoshop or something ?

yup, you will need something like photoshop or any other software that can delete background
instead of photoshop you can use gimp - it’s free alternative

Ok thank you. I’ll try that!

@theankou i just made the requested changes. Is that ok ?

collection re-approved!

Amazing thank you for your help

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Hi @theankou sorry i just made a new change : i updated the tag and description of 2 items. Can you please approve if ok for you ?

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collection re-approved! ~

Great thank you for your quick reply

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@theankou i would like to change the rarity of my collection from epic to legendary. How can i do that ? Thank you

you will need to publish new collection and pay fees again, there are no way to change rarity at published collection

@theankou got it : so can i unpublish the collection and publish a new (the same) with changing the rarity ?

you can’t unpublish current collection (the are no way to get paid fees back)
i will be able to disable this collection

Ok, so if you disable the collection (i understand i cant get the fees back) then i will be able to publish a new collection with those same item right ? I’ll also change the thumbnail pictures

There is actually only one item i want to disable in the collection. can you do it ? It’s the neon upper body

i can only disable whole collection

there is one more way: you can publish the same item but different rarity, with new thumbnail, and turn off from sale item in your current collection, that way i dont need to disable whole collection at all, and you don’t need to pay fees for three wearables, only for one with new rarity

also, by rules you can’t publish 2 same wearable models, so make sure to add small change for your wearable model that you’re planning to publish with new rarity (for example - add logo, or change emission, etc)

Awesome i’ll do that. I already removed the collection from the market place as i did not see how to remove only one item from a collection. Are you sure we can remove just one item from sale within a collection ?

yes, i’m sure! you can try to set big price for that wearable, for example 10000000 mana

Ok! I did set the price to 1000000 Mana however i did not succeed to remove only that item from the marketplace how do you do that ?