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Hello, this is really interesting design!
If you can send confirmation that you can use ‘Whopper’ which is a trademark of BURGERKING to that would be great~

Just looking at this you seem to have included the upper body which doesn’t need to be part of the glb, there also seem to be some funny business with the UV having some white splits around the edges of the design.

Reduce as a lower body to 1500tris but I think once you remove the upper body should be close to that!
No need to hide tiara~

Just lower the object to be closer aligned to the hips so it’s not clipping as much with the whole body.

Once updated let me know with an @ and I can re-review~

Thank you!

@michi I am Kerem Köse

from SmartUp Digital Agency. SmartUp is an agency which helps brands to take their first steps in the metaverse. We have been working with different brands from different sectors and do believe that Decentraland is perfect platform for most of our customers. Nowadays we are in contact with the Burger King Turkey and we are planning to release a 7 piece wearable collection for a special event. There are still some clauses we are talking about but the contract is to be approved. The collection contains a burger’s -to be more specific a whopper’s- essential ingridients like burger patty, buns, pickles and so. Every item supposed to be a full-body wearable like Halloween costumes but before even started we would like to know that is this an approvable designs for Decentraland. You can find some examples about both for the idea and the current design in the mail attachment. We’d also love to hear if you have any ideas on how the design could be more Decentraland-friendly. We are waiting for your urgent returns.

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Hey @burger , thank you so much for your response. Regarding confirmation of usage legal is the only one that can confirm as just a formality. If you send them an email they will reply or let the curators know we can approve!

From a guideline perspective and quality control I gave feedback above around some of the UV’s having the white splits, placement and currently having the upper body in the design which isn’t required~

I’ll also just drop in here the guidelines for reference:

Let me know how you go and feel free to ask any questions :smiley:

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Omgosh also to answer your question!!!

This can be done as an upper body wearable and hides lower body piece, you will then have 3000tris to use on this wearable. You will just need to have something representing hands for later VR capabilities~

Really fun project and excited to see it come to life!

@michi Greetings, we have made the designs suitable, but we want to load the remaining 5 materials into the collection and we want to include them in the common category, can you help?

Hey! For this wearable atm you can’t things like collection name or rarity because that is already minted to the blockchain!

For the other designs you’ll need to make a new collection and publish, once published additional wearables cant be minted into the collection.

Let me know how you go!

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@michi Then we publish this collection with 1 object and send the remaining 5 objects to WhooperVerse.
I’m thinking of publishing it in a new collection called