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Onion Ring


Hey, please change the wearables to resemble a humanoid shape

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Can you push also a small change because I can’t see it on curation tab?

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

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Greetings, we are making these costumes for a special project, it consists of 6 pieces in total, to try the first piece, we uploaded it to the system and got approval from @michi. You can review the details from the forum link.

and this is how we uploaded the remaining 5 costumes, can you please confirm?

@Yannakis As a change, I reloaded the tomato object.

I’d suggest flipping the items vertically, bringing them down to hips height and include a lower body with them and not hide the upper body

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@Yannakis People wearing this outfit will come together to form a hamburger. @michi asked us to design the clothes this way and the brand approved this design, we currently want it to be published this way without any changes can you help us please

Also reflecting on the original concept which is covering upper and lower body, you included legs. These designs are lacking limbs, I would recommend adding the legs as per the original concept shared.


When @Yannakis has finished reviewing and approves this collection, I’ll match the feedback so both collections are consistent from a curator perspective

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These wearables are currently clipping with arms and legs. Need to adjust so that its not clipping and either add legs to the wearable or unhide them


hey guys, we are working on the models but still don’t understand that why the current design is not acceptable. when @michi told us that we only needed something to represent hands we shared the situation with our partners and investors then changed the rest of the models, please don’t get me wrong i am not blaming anybody here. But we are trying to create unique and fun outfits so i hope that the new design is acceptable for decentraland’s wearable standards. we want to make the right adjustments for the rest and publish the collection really quick. please write your advices or suggestions about the design and we’d like to know that can ve use current design as a skin wearable without changing anything?

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I suggest just scalling them down so that they only take up the upper body category and have the arms stick from the sides which will also fix the clipping issue.

@Yannakis we were sent to our customer before production and our small business will go through this process to get the necessary approvals for this purpose.
We are trying a different approach to the design, instead of upper body wearable we turning them into skins just like this piece

Now working on a head model. what are the bounding box dimensions for the skins could you please enlighten us so we can keep models’ dimensions within it.

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Wearables like that can cause gameplay issues and for that reason there has been added a rule for wearables to follow a humanoid shape. The size limit is 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.4 with 1.4 being the depth limit

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@Yannakis we will change all designs to skins we are in these dimensions. We want to stick to the design. If it is suitable as I uploaded last, we want to add feet to the design and upload the work

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@Yannakis , all parts have been updated, if it is suitable for you, please let’s publish the collection

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@Yannakis @michi Hello this is a very crucial project for us and we need to go live before 17th in order to finalise the awards subscription deadline. Can you please help us and advice how can we achive to get approval quickest? we kindly request you to check and share your comments on our skin collection

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Like said before, designs like that cant be accepted. Please change to something that resembles a human shape. My suggestion is to scale down to the upper body size and have the arms stick from the sides.

@Yannakis @michi Actually we would like to create skins and there are many different skin designs and most of them are totally in different shapes than a human body. Thats why we tried to apply like we have sent.

Can you advice if ceeating a non-human looking skin is still allowed? If not then we understand that we should create in a size of a upper and lower body wearables instad of skin.

Can you approve or advice regerding what we understood from your comment

Skins like these created some issues with gameplay that’s why a new rule was added for skins to follow a humanoid shape.

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