Collection 'VIRTEWEL x Walt Adler #4' created by VIRTEWEL is ready for review!

VIRTEWEL x Walt Adler #4

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Diamond Hoops by @Walt_Adler

Will check those now!

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Collection approved!

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Thank you for the crazy fast approval!

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@Yannakis I set it for sale and it sold out - which is awesome so I’m guessing it’s all it working fine.

However, there is an anomaly on my alerts page. It still says it’s loading after 16 hours.

When I click on the Spinning Loading icon it takes me to the Polygon transaction hash and it says it can’t be located. Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan

I’ve tried refreshing and rebooting, and no change.

Does this matter? thank you!

Awesome, congrats! Doesnt really matter. Will possibly fix itself if you leave it for some time.

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