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Vertual King

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Vertual King Pants

Vertual King Armor



Actually made some changes :heart:

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It look really nice! I love it <3


Thank you buddy! Waiting for approval and we’ll see it on game :heart:

@Malloy @Lauretta

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Omg this is the best wearable, I loved it you are such an artist :heart:

Wow amazing work, this is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

I want them all omg so cool

Wow hahaha thank you buddy!They will come soon :two_hearts:

This looks really nice let me have a look at them!

@MrVertual the wearable work fine, going to approve them but before I want to make sure this model does have a female representation?

Hello thank you for your time @Lauretta ! No it doesn’t have a female represention but only male.

Shame, I’m going to approve them later on you will have to prepare a female version I belive these looks really good

Thank you @Lauretta! I just started working on female base!

Uploded female version! thank you @Lauretta !

Waiting for change approval! @Shibu

Hey @MrVertual! How are you? Happy new year!

The pants don’t reach to the hips of the female representation. Both hips have a different height and measure.

Please fix to approve.

Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 09.48.45


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Thanks for your time @Shibu and happy new year!!
I’ll fix it right now!

Fixed female pants representation! If you can give a look also at this one i will appreciate it! Collection 'Vertualize it!' created by MrVertual#350d is ready for review!

Thank you @Shibu !