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Vertualize it!

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Vertualize Shoes


15/12/2021 i saw people bumping so…bump <3

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View in game.


The multi color glow is fabolous, i like it!

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Thank you buddy! Color gives some good vibes :slight_smile:

Wow, is a big stuff!!! Hype mode

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Thanks you!! Wait to se them around the game :heart:

hey there @MrVertual the shoes look too cool, I had a look at them and they are ready ti be approve maybe the emissive is too strong but if you tell me that it’s on purporse I will approve them


Thank you @Lauretta ! You can approve them! If needed i can change emission anytime.

ok no problem there approved

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Due to high demand, I submitted a larger version of shoes so they fit well with any type of larger trousers! If you could check it i will appreciate, @Lauretta , thank for your time!

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thanks for letting me klnow, but there is a shoe that is not well wigged to the leg now

change it and I will reapprove

Bump for approval @Shibu

@MrVertual normally when a curator does the curation and gives feedback is the same that approves it.

(cc: @Lauretta)


Sorry but i still see it in grey for that! @Shibu :bowing_man:

hey @MrVertual I may have pass me have you fixed the issue? if that’s so I will check them today

Hello @Lauretta yes thank you! i tagged Shibu because he approved some changes in other collection!

ok perfect if everything is correct I will check it today

@MrVertual everything seemed correct I approved them thanks for your patience

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Thank you @Lauretta! :heart: Have a good day !