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VERTEX - First Edition Jacket

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Vertex Series One Jacket

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello @GucciToe ! :slight_smile:
Rigging is ok!

  • Can you try bring down triangles count to 1500/1700?

Let me know here when you are done

Bless @fabeeobreen me and @srJH are doing this for Gucci and we are under the impression from past experience that the tri’s from hands don’t count?

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Hey @StoneyEye ! :slight_smile:
Triangles limit refer to the whole wearable shape, there is some exception for material counts: we allows 3 materials insted of 2 when skin mat is involved.

@fabeeobreen I feel like attempting to change the tri count at this point will cause the integrity of the design to lessen. I’ve been told in that the hands are not counted in items like a jacket and allowance is granted for artistic use. However I have not heard this about the materials count, so thats good to know

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Here is an example of what i mean.
This hoodie/jacket was also made by me and it actually has more polys than this Vertex Jacket.Collection 'Stoik Cityscape Hoodie' created by Stoik is ready for review!

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Hello @srJH ,
As theankou said the limit is 1500: this is clearly written in the official docs.
Try to bring it slightly down to 1700/1800.
For the future design, try to stay close to 1500.

these are not the droids you are looking for :wave: :eyes:

jk, the files are being worked on

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@fabeeobreen I just uploaded the updated files. @srJH & @StoneyEye got the tris down to sub-1800. Let us know if you see any other issues. Thanks!

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Great job guys! Collection approved! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, @fabeeobreen!