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Hey, I can review this now~

Just having a look, you’ve forgot to add a female representation.

I know you’ve got a few collections, have you sent confirmation of logo usage to previously? (all good if you have)

Please remove the QR code from the shirt for the cyber security of the community~

Let me know when you update and I’ll re-review~

hi Michi

thx for your feedback. We have been using the QR for this wearable for the past months. It links to our website.

It has been approved in the past.


the use of our logos has been approved last time when we launched back in Jan. 2022

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Awesome, there will be updates to previous wearables with QR codes and websites so thank you for flagging that! I’ll definitely take note~
For now we’re not accepting QR codes on wearables due to recent hackings/phishing and complaints from the community around protecting DCL users. This is a community request and cyber security issue, not a personal one.

Let me know once it’s updated and I’ll re-review!

Female version currently having issues around the hips with reversed faces showing, can you please update and let me know when it’s ready~