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Hey, can you please change the thumbnail background to be transparent?

hey thats changed few days ago, thx @Yannakis

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Couple issues i spotted: bottom part of shirt has to be only weighted to hips bone. remove any weighting of upper legs and spine from that area. For the neck area make sure its only affected by the neck bone and remove any weighting of spine and shoulder bones from that area. The female hips heihgt is different so you have to either make it male only or add a female representation that is alligned to the female hips height.

Please tag me here so i can re-check once the updates are made!

Hi @Yannakis
I’m Miguel Naddaf CEO of Universelle… we haven’t communicated in months, I hope everything goes well. I attach the file… we have corrected everything that you commented, but surprisingly it was the same file with which we had passed a test with DCL and with which we obtained the verification of partners/wearable designers.
About Male or Female, the wearable was designed only for Male, but the person of the company who charged in DCL doesn’t know, and did it as BOTH… now is only MALE.

But no problem, please check it now… kind regards & thanks a lot

Collection approved!