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Tom Sachs Rocket Factory

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Tom Sachs Rocket Factory MMU

**Tom Sachs Rocket Factory Space **

The collection has been assigned to Mika#1194

The collection has been assigned to Mika#1194

hey curators, be careful this wearable collection models looks a bit similar to nasa/apollo austronaut collection past year

The collection has been assigned to Mika#1194

Hey, just a small bit of feedback. When these were published by the SDA account, it appears they accidentally assigned the ‘Smart’ tag to the WRONG version. Due to the similar appearance of the thumbnail and the wrong being given the ‘Smart’ tag, people can be easily be confused, and overpay greatly for the regular (non-flying) EMU version. See photo:


Is it possible to push an update to remove the tag from the NON-smart ‘EMU’ version of the wearable? I know the items’ display image is different, but the differences are so subtle, it is easy to get the items mixed up when shopping on Opensea. @theankou - Sorry for tagging you Kristian. I tried to tag Mika and the SDA account, but it didn’t pull anything up. If you have any questions or need me to elaborate, please tag me. Thank you for your time and for looking.

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Hi, posting again since its been 3 days. Are we able to do anything about this?

@theankou My sincerest apologies for tagging you again. If you don’t have time would you please consider delegating the task to someone else. I know a foundation member might need to make the fix since it was published by the SDA account. It goes beyond confusion. There is a risk for people to be scammed here. Maybe @Yannakis or @michi could get this to the right person to correct? (sorry guys, if you are too busy I will reach out to Martin on twitter)

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Hey @Frank thanks for the feedback. This can be updated but I think the ones already minted will stay like that and only the ones minted after the update won’t include it

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Yikes, thanks so much for the info. I’ll keep that in mind for the future. I believe the majority of the MMU have been minted out, and all of the EMU were minted. It might be a moot point and the best we can do is just raise awareness.

I appreciate you and the whole team. Thank you!!!

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@Yannakis Just one last thought that might help - Could we update the thumbnail to include a tiny lightning bolt to indicate SMART? Or is that only going to affect the ones that are not minted as well. It might be nice to do to all the smart wearables, since there are not many so far and sometimes item descriptions can be misleading too.

I’m so sorry for tagging again, I know you are busy. Thank you!!! :melting_face:

Yeap, that’s already there!

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I meant specifically on the image thumbnail, the problem here is in OpenSea and how they are displaying the items. No biggie if it’s not possible! It was just something that popped into my head while discussing this with Canessa in WZ.

In the marketplace you can’t even view the MMU smart version without toggling on the smart wearable button so our marketplace is 100% safe!

Something like this:

Forgive my lack of abilities in GIMP, its been years.

Thanks again!

Did you get the rights to use the NASA logo or are we able to use NASA logo without worrying about IP?

Hey @Manzier, publisher of this collection has provided all IP rights for NASA logo and etc, if you are planning to do something with nasa or any other big brands logo, you will need to provide all IP rights to be able to use them