Collection 'The Sevens S1 Meta-Wearables' created by Ja5on#b874 is ready for review!

The Sevens S1 Meta-Wearables

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Sevens Gold Bomber + Katana

Sevens Gold Skull + Chain

Sevens Monk Robe

Will check these soon!

hey Yannakis, this collection has allready been submitted and approved. seems like a double submit

Oh whaaat? Thank you man will have to check what’s up.

Hey @Ja5on , you’ll have to change the wearables to non existing ones to have them approved.

Hey @Yannakis

It is a repeat, because I messed up the first one. I minted 90% of the collection to the wallet to keep for future marketing, only leaving 10% on sale. I had meant to do the opposite, mint 10% to keep back and put 90% up for sale. I have delisted the old collection, and applied to have a duplicate collection approved

Thanks - Jason

Unfortunately this cant be approved if its exactly the same because thats thy the rarities exist and it would lose its value… Please alter the design a bit so i can approve it.

@Yannakis what if I send the first lot to a burn address and post you the tx?

@Yannakis if the burn cannot be done, how subtle can the changes be? The single ‘7’ on the bomber jacket can become ‘777’ for example?

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Has to not look like the original design…

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis