Collection 'The Sevens S1 Metawearables' created by Ja5on#b874 is ready for review!

The Sevens S1 Metawearables

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Sevens Gold Bomber + Katana

Sevens Gold Bomber + Katana

Sevens Gold Skull + Chain

Sevens Monk Robe

hi i will review this now

could you get the upperbody parts to 1500 triangles?

also please name them differently, i see that you have uploaded the male and female version as 2 separate items so you could name one “sevens gold bomber + katana male” and the other “sevens gold bomber + katana female”

Hey Sango
All the changes are done, triangles below 1500 and the make and female jackets renamed
Thanks :slight_smile:

thanks, some slight clipping on the jacket

Hi Sango
Fixed and updated, thanks

@Sango are we good to sign off please, we need these for fashion week in just a couple of day? Thanks

this collection has been approved

@Sango Hello!

I have made a mistake with this collection, accidentally minted 90% of the collection to the wallet, so only 10% left to sell! I have delisted this collection and set-up a new one. I was wondering if you could spot the new one and sign it off really quickly as its fashion week this week and this is our collection!

Thanks - Jason

which wallet did you mint them to?

minted them to the collection author wallet