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The Association

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Genesis AR Custom


This creator deserves love. This AR design is nice and has alot of great detail.

Its a yes from Me!!

Much Love

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Thank you more than much, much love Ginso!

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i would like to see this rifle in my game dot exe!!! #LOVE

-Blaze Squad Sincerely

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This is soooo dope!! NEEDS to be approved ASAP please!!! <3

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I appreciate that, sincerely!

Thank you more than much!

Lol nice. Why use hater blockers when you have an AR instead. You know… to protect myself. I think this is awesome! I would buy this.

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Safety is peaceful and precious my friend.

Updated file to connect rifle to core bone of the avatar, thankfully before it was reviewed :face_holding_back_tears:.

NICE!!! I Love this and can’t wait to see it hit the market!

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Un buen arma para decentraland. Great jOb

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Much love my friend!

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Un buen cumplido de una buena persona. Gran amor!

@Lauretta @Malloy @vrglitch @Shibu @Chestnutbruze Any update on this?

Lets gooo!! The first weapon i see on DCL!

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Looks fire dude !!! Keep it up!


so sick I hope this gets approved :0 :sunglasses: its @RAWRDWG from twitter :disguised_face:

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Good luck! I hope you achieve all of your goals on the metaverse :))

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Lots of work put into this project by the creator. Deserves a listening ear and approval. Let’s support him.

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