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Sweet Tooth Backpack

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Sweet Tooth Backpack

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This wearable is not connected to the armature

you will also need to add earrings and make the earrings take up 50% of the thumbnail for it to be approved in the earring category whilst keeping the tri limit around 500

Got it. Thank you. @Sango

Hi @Sango - question … how might I make the earrings take up 50% of the thumbnail? Would something like this be approved?

you will need to use image editing software to enlarge the earrings so they occupy 50% of the thumbnail

I see - so something like this?

I also want to adjust the rarity of the item … is the only way to create a new collection and submit it?

yes that thumbnail will work.

correct, the only way to change rarity is to create a new collection

Thank you, very helpful. Will resubmit.

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Hi @Sango - I updated the assets. Can you take a look for approval? This rarity actually better suits the concept.


This collection cant be continued and you will have to speak to the curator dealing with your newer collection with this item in it now over on that forum post