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Super Metajin Goku Hair

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Super Metajin Goku Hair


Hey Cryptype#d137!

I’m concerned that this model has some IP infringements, the documentation is very clear where it says that you need to own the rights of the submitted wearables. The hair and also the name of the collection are probably patented.

Hello, I changed the wearable name. I’m not sure if it is saved already. It says there is an error.
Where can I change the collection name?

I have seen anime hairs similar to this in Decentraland already. That’s why I thought it is no problem to create such hairs. I put a lot of effort into this wearable. Hairstyles cannot be copyrighted. Correct me if I am wrong and please let know what I can change.

Kind regards!


Hello, the error is gone and the name is saved now.

  1. Consider making the emmisive value of the male representation lower. It’s just too much right now:

  2. Consider rigging the female representation hair to different bones of the avatar’s skeleton according to how close it’s parts are to them. It would make the hair look much more lively.