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Hello! @MISOSHITA :slight_smile:
That’s a nice concept, but we are not approving non-rigged arms/legs for wearables anymore.
You should weight paint the wearable to the armature, including arms.

Hello. @fabeeobreen
To make a fixed pose without setting weight on arms and legs is
The following item has already been done.
What is the reason why this item is not allowed and the previous items are allowed?

@fabeeobreen @collections What do you think about the above?

I understand your point: the wearables you are referring to, were made time ago and got approved before the update of the creation guideline.
It wouldn’t be fair to disable those collections for respect of anyone who bought the wearables before the guideline update, and this is the reason why you still see them on the marketplace.
Unfortunatelly it is not possible to create wearables that doesn’t follow default DCL armature anymore to ensure the widest emotes compatibility.

@fabeeobreen Modified in the form of assigning weights instead of fixing hands. Thank you for your approval.

Seems like the wearables is broken in game.
This is mostly caused by a wrong armature skinning.
Find here the correct reference files: Wearable Reference Models – Google Disk

@fabeeobreen Weights have been corrected. Please approve.

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Collection approved! @MISOSHITA

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