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Straw Hat

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Hello there, I can appreciate a good reference but as it is this wearable infringes the copyright of a well know franchise you will have to change it for approval

Hi @Lauretta,
should the name of the object be changed?

for example just write yellow hat?

The name and the model should be changed, the name is iconic together with the design it’s impossible to say it’s not an IP infrigement

Hi @Lauretta
if he change the name of the object + the color of the banner is it OK?

hello @Hbi93 I saw that you changed the name, but yeah the banner shall change and also the part of the hat too

I see what you are getting at, but to me this is simply a straw hat. If you Google ‘straw hat’ there are tons of hats that look exactly like Luffy’s hat. To each their own, however.

yo thats sick! its crazy i had the same idea and built it in blender also but you beat me to it

Hi why would this have ip issues? Straw hats of that style with bands existed far earlier than that character. You can find a good example in the oil painting called “apple cider by Thomas Waterman Wood - 1868”. I’m sure one can find and old reference to one with a red strap. Since earlier examples from 1800s are available that puts it in public domain and free from ip holders.

althought thats true thanks to the series this hat in concrete has become a well know sign of this particular character, that’s way Im asking to change the model so that is not the same as this characters hat

Hi @Lauretta I don’t understand why there would be image problems with this object.

it is a simple straw hat with a red band. this object is not exclusively and is not created by the cartoon as our friend @Matsumoto said I don’t understand why this is blocked when there are tshirts with identical cartoon heads that are allowed (picture)

please thank you for validating this magnificent work and this beautiful idea

Thanks for letting me know could you pass the name of the collection with those t shirts I will talk with the other curators about this, however if the Jolly Roger doesn’t belong to any of the characters of the series it’s okay if not clearly it’s up infrigement unless you have the permission to make it