Collection 'Social Distancing' created by MrMookie#165d is ready for review!

Social Distancing

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** Six foot Parameter**


Taking a look at this now :slight_smile:

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Hi MrMookie,

Looks as if you’ve changed this to say ‘blue halo’. Just to let you know that the collection name is final and cant’ be changed so it will read ‘Social Distancing’ on the blockchain.

Also the ‘Blue Halo’ isn’t skinned to follow the head_ bone on the armature so you’re getting this result;

Look forward to hearing from you! Cheers!

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wow thank you for your very quick responds! I hope that this message finds you in good sprits. I have addressed the issue of the object not being skinned to the head bone. Its working perfectly now.

how long is the review process?

please help its been 14 days and im not sure what the hold up is. Thank you for all your hard work! @Malloy

@mrmookie Hi, apologies for delay… Has been a massive influx of submissions since price drop and the curators are professionals who also work so the dynamic change is being addressed.

I believe the trouble with this collection is the title which can’t be changed ‘Social Distancing’. Misrepresentative of a ‘halo’ so to speak.

The trouble is when you published this, it wrote your collection title to the block. If you wanted to make your item less misleading you can have a ring around the avatar that is limited to the width of the arms extended. Or even upload a new design that is more relating to the title.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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@mrmookie Hi there, it is the holidays for most of us but I’ll respond with feedback on the latest update;

I think it’s a great design and well done, stoked you consider it your best work so far but like mobile game platforms, it’s probably best to avoid using the virus as a theme because of the grief many have gone through due to losing loved ones. It is nice work but the theme is rather traumatic for a lot in this tough time.

Sorry this isn’t the news you were hoping for but I like the idea of a pet attachment, maybe it doesn’t need too much deviation from the design to be accepted and nothing related to a spike virus!

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@Lauretta I finally got this one figured out. can we approve this one now please and thank you.

@Lauretta can you please tell me where we are with this one it has been three months now. I hope this is still under the old contract with opensea because i spent my life’s savings to learn how to make these NFTs. Please help me get this approved asap. thank you

@Malloy @vrglitch @Shibu Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!!

wow, mrmookie 3 months? really?

Yes. This was the first one I ever published. Good thing I didn’t wait on this one to get approved before I published another one. I thought maybe it was because of the Collection Name But surely not after all the drugs and guns I have seen get approved over the last three months. Social Distancing is a Good thing and saves lives also why I prefer Decentraland over the real world. Hopefully we can get this approved today @TheGoldGuy Three months is a very long time to be waiting

I have no clue why they are taking so long lately, but we are investing our time and money into these projects and if you’re going to volunteer on the committee then take your position seriously.

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@Lauretta is pretty good and I think they are bringing on new people to help out. Hopefully no one else has to wait 90 days for approval

I’m waiting the longest time yet and i got 3 wearables submitted

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Hey Mr.Mookie! I noticed the collection connected to this post is not the wearable shown here. It’s a crown? It may be why they are taking so long to approve bc the item doesn’t exist anymore.

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that’s correct @Malloy said the Halo has nothing to do with social distancing and I should come with a new design more related to the collection name hence the Crown. @ManaWitch Royalty is related to Social Distancing is it not?? @Lauretta

How long have you been waiting for?

Hey @mrmookie ! How are you? The wearable looks OK but the thumbnail is different. Can you match them?



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aa @Shibu
New Thumbnail is uploaded sir. Thank you for taking the time out to get back with me on this one. You are a real hero!

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