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I will check collection now!

Hi! Please send IP rights for Sirocco to, contact with them for more information about IP rights. Thank you!

Hi, I send the email and awaiting response. How long does it take when we can receive a response from the team.

Hi @Momochix, usually it takes couple of days. Make sure to check your email.
If everything will be good, I will approve collection and write a message here in next couple of days. For now I need to wait for news from legal…

I bought MANA to publish this item. But did not receive proper receipts. Can you please tell me how can I get them.


I have not received any feedbacks yet from the legal department. I need to have this live asap because we are planning for an airdrop.

Hi @Momochix, legal team told me that they don’t get any message
Please make sure to send it to
Thank you!

Ahh you initially shared with me the wrong email address…

I have just sent another email now, please check.

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Ohh, sorry for that :smiling_face_with_tear:
I wrote to legal team, they will check message asap

Hey @Momochix, just got response from legal team.
Everything is OK with IP rights. But there is an issue with materials and textures count.
You will need to reduce materials and triangles for both shoes to be less than 3, 2 materials 2 textures for shoes and 1 material 1 texture for avatar skin. Also reduce triangle count to 1500 if possible, thank you!

Hi, I don’t get you. Do you want me to reduce the quality and size of the file?

Also, where do I resubmit it?

It’s recommended to follow this limitations for models (materials, triangles, textures) count

You can update models for collection in builder, without needs to pay fees

Hi, where is this builder that I can edit?


Hi can you please check.

We have submitted a new file.

I need approval asap please.

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@Momochix collection approved! all good!

How can we airdrop to people now?

You can mint wearables in builder

Can I mint 1 to test in game?