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Satoshi - OneBlueLand

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Satoshi boots

Satoshi body

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hey @oneblueland :slight_smile: Beautiful wearable I love it! The only thing with the upper body piece is that the Triangle Count is a little too high! Could you split this up into an upper body, lower body, and a helmet? That should make the Triangle count a little better and then I will take another look! It looks great :slight_smile: cant wait!

Thank you @HirotoKai ! Just a few questions:

-What is the goal for the triangle count?
-And instead of splitting, is there another option such as simply reducing the tris further?
-Do I have to repay the Matic MANA fee if I choose to split the items vs. simply reducing the tris?

Let me discuss with the artist and I will send you a message. Appreciate the help!

Hello @oneblueland ! To answer your question there is guidelines set in place for how many tris ( Geometric count) you are allowed to have on one given wearable. Here is a copy of the documentation. This wearable really is three pieces and would need it to be so because of how much you are over the triangle count. You could try to decemintate the Geometry but I still think the best thing to do would be to upload this as multiple wearables. If you are to submit three wearables it is 500 x the amount of wearables you would be submitting.

Thank you for the information HirotoKai. Will split this up into the different pieces and reupload when ready.

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Hello @HirotoKai !

We have split the wearables as requested. How do I add the 3rd wearable without having to create a new collection? We already paid for 1000 matic mana. How do we pay for the extra 500 matic mana (for the 3rd piece) without having to repay the 1000 matic mana?

Thank you

And does M and F version (for upper body for example) count as 2 separate wearables?

M and F wearables can be uploaded under the same item and it doesnt charge double! And as far as the third item goes we would need you to submit the 3rd item as its own collection because we currently can not add items to collections that have been already submitted! this way you could still submit the two wearables that you have paid for and the third one is just another additional submission fee! :slight_smile:

Thanks! And once the items are under review, can you still add “Male and Female representation”? The button seems to be no longer available next to the properties.

Yes you still can! You just have to upload the wearable representations under the same item in the builder :slight_smile:

I am bumping this! It feels like this wearable has been lost. Beautiful wearable… even though it may/may not be ready yet. Can’t wait to see this around DCL.