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Sannin’s Ninja OG Hat

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Sannin Ninja OG Hat

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To avoid this kind of issues is recommended to include hair within the hat model. Maybe you can also scale and move up a little bit to work better with most hair styles.

Thank you!

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Thank you, will fix now!! :slight_smile:

@vrglitch Ok, fixed the hair, scale and move up a bit was my best option in order to work for most hairstyles (the Mohawks where the only one’s that did not work). Also smoothed the hat to look a bit more realistic.


Thank you. Approved!

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Thank you very much!

Hello, was wondering on any updates as far as glow colors coming back on the item in this post along with the collection here Collection 'Sannin's Ninja no Kunren Co.' created by CryptSannin is ready for review! , thanks!

Hello, i have fixed the file for the Ninja OG Hat as it glitched out with the updates a couple months ago. Fixed bottom hat, and restored the glow. Still working on the “Ninja no Kunren Co.” will post on the collection when done. For now, i would appreciate a response/help in fixing the Hat. thank you!


Sorry, totally missed this. Sure, you should be able to update this collection. Let me know when you are ready.

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Thank you! Just uploaded the fixed model, should be good to go! Thank you!! @vrglitch

Have you pushed your changes?

yes, i pushed changes on my end. waiting on review.

Hey @Crypt_Sannin, Item approved, thank you!

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