Collection 'Sannin's Ninja no Kunren Co.' created by CryptSannin is ready for review!

Sannin’s Ninja no Kunren Co.

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Ninja no Kunren Sandals

Ninja no Kunren Bottom

Ninja no Kunren Top


Hello, this collection is a unisex one. Sannin Ninja OG Hat Holders will receive a set each, in gratitude of being the first supporters. Please do let me know if there is anything concerning, thank you! @vrglitch

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Looks great Crypto! From the pics I can’t see anything to pick at! Cheers! Great work! Keep it up!

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Ok, one thing I see (Wiiicked nit-picking here and it could just be the angle of the Male pic). The vertical Neon strip of Male upper seems to have more of a curve which IMO looks better. Both still look great!

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yeah its the angle! ill put up another angle shot if needed.

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I wish to have one too… 0xf3611410dECb07B483731Ca0085137C21bc39218

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Hello, would like to know progress on review for this collection. I appreciate in advance!! @Kat @Shibu @vrglitch

thank you, there is still one Sannin Ninja OG hat left which gets you a set once approved!! :slight_smile:

Hello, would really love some feedback! Its been a week or so since submission and I’m a bit stuck waiting as far as organizing an event goes for the collection. @vrglitch

Hey @anon95865387 , It seems there was an error when uploading your assets. Can you please go to your collection inside the builder and wait a minute or so to be sure all assets are correctly upload.
Let me know when you are ready.
Thank you!!

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Hey, @vrglitch thanks for the response! i logged in to the builder and saw what you told me above, honestly first time seeing it like that but what can i do to fix?

Fixed. Thank you! Your collection has been approved.

Thank you very much!

Hello @vrglitch , the emissive colors/glow on this wearable set as well as on my “Sannin Ninja OG Hat” with the recent updates went away. When I go in world the glow does not render in like before. I wondered if there is something I should do on my end or will that eventually get fixed by itself as I seen with other wearables? Thank you!

Thanks @anon95865387 , the team is working on this.

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thank you for your response!

Hello, any updates on restoring the glow on these?

Hello, I have fixed the file for this set, glow and some shoes had glitched! I’m ready to fix it, as well as the “Sannin Ninja OG Hat” .


Hey @Crypt_Sanni! you should be able to update your models.