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Roustan Jean Jacket

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Roustan Jean Jacket


Taking a look now :slight_smile: -H

@Roustan One thing to fix before I can approve this! One of your shoulder bones is weighted a little wrong and is leading to some clipping if you can fix this then we will be all set!:slight_smile: Beautiful work cant wait to see it in world!! :slight_smile:

Okay! Should be all fixed now! Thank you for checking Hirotokai :slight_smile:

@Roustan Thank you for fixing:) approved!!

Hey @Roustan! How are you? (cc: @HirotoKai)

Both upper bodies are clipping with the lower body. Please fix to approve.


Damn they were already approved before was just trying to update the description. Not sure how to mess with weighting

@Shibu Just fixed this one too. Please check for approval. Thank you.

@Shibu are you receiving my tags?

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collection re approved!

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thank you!!!

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@shibu I noticed the same clipping issue still existed here on the male as it did on the Acid Wash Jacket. So I just pushed an update for that correction too. Thank you for your time.

Bumpppppppppppppp @Shibu

collection approved again @Roustan ! thanks