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Roustan Acid Wash Jean Jacket

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@Roustan Hi there;

Couple of things;
There is a piece of art on the back of this wearable, can you email with proof that you can use this?



Okay, emailed and added male representation

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I never received a response from legal.

Hello, is anyone there?

Bueller?.. Bueller?.. Bueller?

Hey @Roustan ! Same thing is happening with this jacket, check the weighting of the hips.


Was already approved before was just trying to update the description. Not sure how to mess with weighting

Finally updated this one @Shibu Please take a moment to check for approval.

@Shibu are u receiving my tags?

Male representation is still colliding. Can you check?

Should be fixd now @Shibu Thank you

Bumpppppppppppppppppp @Shibu

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haha to avoid another 20 day wait I can have a look at this! Hope you don’t mind~

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Thank yeeeeewwwwwwwww

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This has been approved again~
(oops I wrote this and forgot to post lol sorry!)

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Thank yeeeeeeeeeeeew!

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