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Renaissance King by René Mäkelä

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Renaissance King

Thanks for your submission.
Collection approved.
Have a great day

Hello, we would like to request changes in the collection, as we have detected several problems.

  1. Name: Accents are not recognized in OpenSea, we are aware that in Decentraland they are, but the problem is that the name of the artist is not recognized as Ren Mkel.
  • solution (new name): Renaissance King by Rene Makela.
  1. Owner: Right now we can’t set royalties on secondary sales from OpenSea, we are interested in being able to do it, since these wearables are sent both to collectors of the artist and in promotional sweepstakes, and secondary sales is our way to monetize it.
  2. Description: We want to change the description of the crown to reflect that it has been given to the artist’s collectors.
  1. Burning or blocking of the supply: We are going to burn the unsold works of the artist, and we also want to burn the surplus of the crowns or otherwise leave the definitive supply.

Hey sorry for the late response.

1 - You are able the change the Item name, description, tags, hide and replace lists but I’m afraid that category name and rarity can’t be updated.

2 - More info regarding this topic, refer to Guest Post: DAO Committee Report #0008 | Decentraland

Fees (2.5%) from Polygon secondary wearable sales on the Decentraland Marketplace have been transferred to the DAO Committee Wallet and could be manually redistributed to creators. However, at this time, the DAO does not know how much to send to each creator and does not have capacity to develop a tool for automating this process. Community members are welcome to build such a tool for OpenSea, and apply for grant funding

3 - Your collection has been rejected for you to make the updates. Let me know when you are ready for reviewing.

4 - I will check and get back you soon.

Have a good day.

hey! thanks! seems that this collection is under review again and i cant mint and i cant see it on marketplace, i just want to remove accents in the name but i cant do it neither, i need help please :slight_smile: @vrglitch

I am having the same issue with my wearable. My helmet is back under review, and I just got a new wearable approved that isnt even showing up. Looks like this is becoming a common problem.

ow, seems we are in the same ship. I dont know if this is the right place to ask for it, i will ask in the discord as well.


Hey , I have looked at it and it seems well. If you are still having issues please make any change, any tag its ok, so i can approve changes. Thank you!

Thanks for review, now i dont need any changes i need to be able to mint, i was able to do on saturday because one mate of DCL discord approve it but now this collection is under review again.
another question is: we are going to burn so many of this crowns, is there any way to see on the supply only unburned crowns?
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Please make any change so its tagged again for review. I’m not seeing it as under review.

Okey just added a tag as a minor change, I hope it was enough, I can’t see on your marketplace

@vrglitch please don’t forget me :hugs:

It should work fine now.
Let me know!
Have a nice day.

yeeeees!!! i thinkj now works thanks a million!!!