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Rare Masks

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Black Bunny Mask

Bumping and hopefully we’ll get this approved in time for all the Grand Masquerade New Year parties!

Bump Part 2: Return of the Mask

@Malloy :wink:

Bump Part 3: The Remasking

Bump Part 4: The Black Mask Rises

Bump Part 5: Masked Ultimatum

Hey! sorry for the delay. It seems there is an issue with normals or with the material. Please update your model and check in world . Let me know when you are ready by tagging me @

More info regarding this issue and how to solve it. Collection 'Ancient Astronaut Collection' created by Runixcoin#985f is ready for review! - #16 by Malloy

Thank you!

@vrglitch Thank you for the guidance! It was quite helpful in resolving/testing the issue. I have made the requested edits and resubmitted the updated model.

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Nice work! looking much better. Item approved.
Have great day!