Collection 'Ancient Astronaut Collection' created by Runixcoin#985f is ready for review!

I’ve made the scale changes and modified the model, please check and let me know! Waiting for you to check it

Still waiting for this! :slight_smile:


Apologies very busy schedule! I’ve taken a look and the ad box is nicely sized but the helmet seems a little too huge proportion wise. Maybe scale down the elements to be more visually aesthetic would be my suggestion however if you’re happy with it I will accept it at your request!


I think it would be better if you removed the box with QR code and instead just included your brand name in the title or description of the wearable. To be honest, I wouldn’t wear advertisement on top of my head. (I am not from approval committee, this is just my opinion and you can just ignore it).

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Hey Malloy I am perfectly happy with the way it is. Can you please accept it as is?

Okey dokes, approved!

Actually, I just noticed you updated the thumbnail to not include the big box above it with QR code, which is misleading to a potential buyer. You will have to include everything in the thumbnail before we can allow it to be on sale.

For now it is not approved until you make those changes, many thanks! :slight_smile:

I have removed the big box over the head in the model and set the thumbnail to show just the helmet without the box. I am assuming people can rotate, etc when searching in the marketplace. I am finally ready for approval now.

Hi @Runixcoin

Almost there!

Looks like you have some flipped surface normals on the helm. If you are using Blender, you can go into edit mode, face selection mode, tap ‘A’ for all face, goto the menu top left of the viewport and goto Mesh > Normals > Recalculate Outside.

Then i’d double check the results;

You can probably get away with ‘hiding’ the ‘Head’ geometry too based on the encompassing design.

Look forward to your update!

Done, also made it hide the head please check now :slight_smile:

Ready for approval?

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Has this been confirmed fixed and working? Ready to approve?

Hey @Runixcoin

It still looks like this;


please see above image to double check face normal orientation,
kind regards,


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I’ve just updated & changed the normals to calculate outside, with Select All in Edit mode. Also this time I applied the normals also on vertexes edges and also faces. Please let me know if it is fixed, and if not I don’t know how to fix this. It doesn’t appear this way in the builder nor blender. Waiting for final approval

Edit: I also disabled the Auto-Smooth normals feature that was previously enabled to 30 degrees.

Hey @Runixcoin so I checked it again and it’s still all normal flipped etc…

My advice to fix it is to apply this view to it;

Then go into edit mode, face selection, select all ‘RED’ faces and then goto Mesh > Normal > Flip.

This should do the jobbo!

Let me know how you get on!

Edit: Where the mouse is in the picture, ‘Face Oirentation’ toggle that on.

Should I leave the orange ones alone? Just flip the red ones?

They should all be blue, if you can, upload a screenshot of what you’re seeing :slight_smile:

I will be going individually turning anything orangeish/reddish all to blue i will have an update very soon

How does this look now?

I just updated it in the builder with this update.

It’s done and updated, I would like it to be tested and approved :slight_smile: please let me know if the glitching still persists.

Still waiting for final approval!