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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, make sure to hide lower body

Hello Yannakis. I hope this meets the standards needed to continue. I appreciate you taking a look an will await your reply

I see you have it under replace. You should hide it instead

Whoa. That was fast. Oh, Ok. I know what I did I think. I did hide upper and replace lower and upper.

Yup lmk once changed

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so it needs to be lower body and replace upper

Remove everything from replace and only add lower body to hide.

Ill have to come back later. Discovered a bigger problem. Sorry about that.

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This should be ready for review now. I thank you and will await your response.

This should be ready to review. I appreciate your assistance with this wearable. Thank you. @Yannakis

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Please change category to upper body. Right now its in lower body and hides lower body so its hiding itself.

Done. Thank you. Appreciate the assistance. Was cool to see you in the Twitter Space earlier too.

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Am I good to put it on the market @Yannakis? Thank you.

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Hey! I still see the same settings as before. Make sure to either change category to upper body and hide lower body or keep it in lower body category and hide upper body. No need to have anything at “replace”.

Now I realize my mistake. Was only changing the hides and replaces not the category. My apologies. This only my second wearable I’ve been a part of so pardon my ignorance, Much appreciated and hopefully it is ready to go now. @Yannakis

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That’s why lower body has to be under “hide” and not “replace”. Please change it and let me know.

Category - Upper Body
Hide - Lower Body


And Ney has another Twitter Space going right now. Just FYI

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