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Portal Pistol

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Portal Pistol

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hi could you keep the movement of the animation within the red boundaries?

this can be brought up by clicking the icon in the bottom right of the screen in the editor

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Hey @Sango ! The small circle is 1m but the animation restrictions for arms and legs are the larger circle which I believe is 2m. Under this document Creating and exporting emotes | Decentraland Documentation it says that:

β€œArms and legs can exceed the small circle up to the larger one. As for the height, the limit is also 1 meter. The avatar cannot move over a meter up from its original position.”

The avatar origin never leaves the center in this case so it should be good to go!

arms and legs are fine to go through the red boundary but you have the entire body going through it.

Ref: Emotes overview | Decentraland Documentation

Hey @Sango

I think this needs to be discussed in curators chat.

sure thing, heres some screen shots which make me say its going out of the boundaries

just noticed it clips the floor too

I believe this is maximum boundaries?

What about clipping the floor, this probably can happen when you spam many emotes in builder window, can you try to reproduce this issue in-world?

the rule is that arms and legs can penetrate the red boundary and the body has to stay within.

i just opened it once and slid the frame slider to see the clipping on the floor. its around frame 60

Thank you for explanation, we will send updated GLB to our customer :pray:


@Sango the latest version has just been uploaded!

This collection has been approved