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Personal Spaceship

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Personal Spaceship

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Hello! @bbad

  • Please update your model: you will need to rig your wearables following the reference armature. (Include legs and arms in the rig. You can’t create floating or veichles objects)

Hi @fabeeobreen,

Just wondering if I could do something similar to this? (no legs but upper body is shown)


Hello @bbad !
This is not possible, we are not approving wearables not rigged to the full armature anymore to ensure the widest emote compatibility.

What if I used orbs in place of joints like so?

You will need to add some arms and legs

like this? I’m close to the poly limit so I’m going for a star constellation type thing

Hiding lowerbody and feet you have up to 4500 tris 4 materials and 4 texture
Otherwise you can use skin category with 5K tris 5 mat and 5 texture

Ah ok cool! I’ve got two ideas, a ‘holographic’ body or a star constellation body, would either of these be ok?

I think ‘holographic’ body is ok :slight_smile:

Coolio i’ve updated the model :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @bbad !

My apologies, it looked ok in builder but forgot to check in-world. Seems to be working now!

I was using the armature included in the male base mesh fbx file, which includes ‘end bones’. Deleting those seems to solve the problem.

But now there’s a different issue… I got the materials down to 4, with 1 texture on each material (each only plugged into one material node) but for some reason the builder is counting 5… The culprit seems to the glass/holographic material. Using a texture for emission seems to duplicate it for some reason. I know it’s this material causing the issue as removing it reduces the texture count to 3.

It’s only 32 x 32 texture, but is there something I’m missing?

Hello @bbad
That’s ok since you are using skin_mat also. Be sure your final .glb (+ thumbnail) doesn’t go over 2MB.

  • Can you add head skin weight to the glass part? Trying to avoid head going out the glass (see image, check aniimation had explode)
  • Add hides > hat, tiara, top head, helmet

Awesome thank you! And done :+1: file size is 500kb :slightly_smiling_face:

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Collection approved!