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Hey, looks like there are some weighting issues that make the wearables not visible in game. I recommend removing any weighting and redoing it. Avoid applying transforms after rigging since thats what usually creates that issue. Would also recoment only leaving the upper and lower body and uploading as an upperbody and hiding lower body.

Hello, thanks for quick answer,
We are able to see it on the builder, we are doing it as skin because we have the requirement to add player’s hair in both wearables and we think that with upperbody we can`t change the hair.
We are under the weight limits for skin model, so sure is for the weight?
thanks for your help.

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You can still add hair with upper body if you hide the hair and lower body too so that players can still have a face and also choose shoes but its up to you. Looks good on builder but has issues in game. you can click the 3 dots on the builder and select “see in world” to view them

Okey, i changed it to uperBoddy and hide the lower boddy and hair but seems there are some issue, because now it opens in game but in the backpack appears like this, and in the game is invisible any clues? We follow your guides and in the builder is working

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Yeap that was the issue i saw earlier. Did you remove the weighting and reweight?

Hey, after checking the file I see there are 3 bones that i marked here that are not needed. Try removing those:

We will made the changes in a few hours and submit again tonight, i tag you when we made the changes, thank you!

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hello @Yannakis we have removed the squeletton and about the weight, it is fully optimized… that is looked with a heat map, and it should come out all in blue… and so I go out … To better optimize the weight, there is no more option to do it that I know of do you refer to this??
Captura de Pantalla 2022-10-07 a las 23.34.58

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Yeap that should be good. Have you updated the file?

Sure, we have updated the files, removed the skeleton and reviewed the weight, but we have some issues with the model yet

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Whats the issue youre having? Also pls tag me when you respond so i can see the answers

Dear @Yannakis…
We are working now re-weighting… ASAP we finish will update the files… Thank you very much for all your help…
King regards

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Dear @Yannakis
Sorry for the delay, we had a launch of a client last two weeks, and we were all too busy…
I copy a text from our designers… with all the work did…

Steps taken in the creation process

  1. At the beginning:
    We downloaded the avatar from Decentraland’s Google Drive folder.

To make the garments I selected in the avatar the faces where they would be. I scaled the selection larger and from there made some adjustments as needed.

For the t-shirt, I put the logos in with the UV editor and adjusted it so they didn’t look warped.

For the hair I did the same thing that I did initially with the shirt. I selected the faces I needed and scaled them up making them bigger. Then in Sculpt Mode I increased the volume in the areas I needed to get the shape.

Finally I only joined the garments to the skeleton.

  1. After seeing the weight problems…. I did everything you recommended (reweighting);

I removed the Armature modifier from each piece and also the Vertex Groups from each one and parented the parts to the skeleton with Automatic Weights. And I checked on the Weight Painting that everything was in blue.

Also there were some parts of the shirt that were breaking, to fix this I merged the vertices by distance.

I also had to increase the volume of the hair so that it does not collide with the head.

And finally in the DCL viewer everything looks right … Configuring it as a torso(upper body) and leaving in hidden hair and legs …, and not as a full body, which is how we initially loaded it…

But in the game…. It appears broken, as if there is a plane that crosses the avatar… you think what could be causing the failure? We didn’t want to bother you until we did the whole project review, but we didn’t find out what it might be…
Could it be that as in the logos we have activated light emissions, whatever is not working well and distorts the rest of the structure?

Thank you very much for your help

In the builder all is ok, it would help if we sent you the blend file so you could look if you see the project failure directly… we no longer know where to look… we are very sorry…

Kind regards,
Miguel Naddaf
CEO - Universelle -

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Hey, is that the armature downloaded from the decentraland github? If so please DM me to send you a working armature

Hi @Yannakis … yesss , we downloaded the armature from the google drive of DCL: Wearables Reference Models / Base Mesh / Male / Avatars_Male_Basemesh.fbx

There is another folder: Wearables Reference Models / Base Mesh / Armature / Armature.blend
but is the same armature that comes with the Avatar file…

… How can I send you a DM ?.. if you need it my e-mail is

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Let me know if you received the armature at that email

Yes! … I have got it … we will try with this…

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Yes! @Yannakis … I have got it … we will try with this…