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Nissan Alpha

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Nissan Hat

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi, could you close up the gap in the hat

and send proof of rights to use the Nissan IP to


thanks for the feedbacks. Be right back with both. How we should tell you the ok from the legal team?

an email from Nissan should suffice

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Dear Sango,

regarding the model, we used the template model provided from decentraland: Decentraland Resources without any modification. We just changed the texture.

Can it just be a rendering problem? Or we should edit it anyway?

hi, it will need editing to get rid of the gaps

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Thank you, be right back.

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Hello Sango,

just want to tell you we updated the wearable and we asked Nissan to send and email to the legal team.

all received, this collection has been approved

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