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Super Hair Blond

Hey, this design will have IP issues. Could you please change it to not resemble DBZ?

I wanted it to be similar but not the same as DBZ, sorry for the issue, I changed it to a different color and removed some details from the texture, I also changed the front side of the geometry so no confusion with any character.

@Yannakis sorry to bother you, Could you check the new look of the Hair? please

Needs some adjustment

Love it!!! Can’t wait to go ultra saiyan mode :joy:

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Thanks for the review, I changed the topology to fix the gaps in geometry, also fixed the hair to show both ears instead just one. Changed the thumbnail to looks like the 3d model.

Collection approved!

thank you very much @Yannakis I have learned a lot about making items for decentraland. I won’t make the same mistakes.

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@Yannakis Wait i got knocked for having something resemble and be similar… What is going on with the curation here. This HAS the name DBZ in it which i was not aloud to tag at all… @michi Just pointing out the inconsistencies here…

Hey, after checking some pictures from the original hairstyle it does have differences and colors is different too. DBZ is not copyrighted but Dragon Ball Z.

what? Even the Abbreviation is a likeness
Dragon Ball Z Doragon Bōru Zetto , commonly abbreviated as DBZ ) is a Japanese [anime]( television series produced by [Toei Animation]

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dope, I just purchased this item! <3

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thank you very much! <3

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