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NEFT Vodka IRL Parallels

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NEFT Pride Hat

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Collection approved!


Thanks for the initial approval! I accidently moved a shirt design into this collection and it matched the rarity and price of the hat. It won’t let me correct this but the other items in the series were meant to have much different parameters.

NEFT Black T Shirt: Rare, 1 Mana
NEFT Black Hat: Epic, 22 Mana
NEFT White Hat: Rare, 7 Mana
NEFT White T Shirt: Epic, 22 Mana

Having a hard time publishing the 4 items above, I use Metamask and it won’t let me publish on the Ethereum Mainnet which is why the Pride Hat was published on the Polygon Network.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am super excited to be a part of this community but I’m still learning the ropes!

Thank you!

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Hey, once a collection is published you can’t add it remove items

Understood! I’m still confused how that shirt got into that collection but I’ll look into it myself. Thanks again for taking the time!

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Hey man! Just changed the Thumbnail on this collection. Hope I can Get it approved again! Can’t wait to start minting items

It also wont let me change the price on the shirt. I was hoping to set it up for 14mana if its possible on this end.

Hey man any updates here?

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Hey approving now! Make sure to tag when you respond so i get a notification or else its most likely to get lost in the forum!

Can you please confirm that the thumbnails are 512x512 or lower with transparent backgrounds?

Im reuploading to double check but I keep running into this error:

The main images associated with the current wearables are here and I’m pretty sure they’re the right size:

Here;s are the images for each of our items: (273.2 KB) (377.0 KB)

I’d like to keep my project going strong so I can buy up some neighboring land and build my entire experience in full. So what’s again, @Yannakis Thank you for your time! Hopefully wee can look into this tomorrow when i get some rest haha.

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, the extra item added has been removed, try again and let me know if it works!

YOU WERE ABLE TO DO THAT!? Thank you so much man, I’ve been one kid trying to make a whole world happen on my own and I’ve made a few mistakes but this is a HUGE one I can stop thinking about now thank you , seriously.

And I was able to go in and double check the thumbnail is in fact 512x512 #powerof2 and the Pride Hat is all ready to go!

I’d love to gift you one once I start minting (not sure if that’s allowed) hell, I’d send you one of the real ones and a barrel of NEFT but I suspect you wouldn’t want to give your address to some stranger on the internet haha

Thanks again man you are incredible. @Yannakis

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haha collection approved!