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NIO Jacket combo

Hello! Reviewing your wearable, you need some fix to have it approved:

  • Max tris count is 1500 for upper body.
  • Max texture and material number is: 2
  • Fix female representation if you plan to have this wearable unisex
  • You don’t need to add “upperbody” as replacement.
  • Please consider making the floating bot closer to the character.

Please fix the issue and let me know when you are done :slight_smile:

Unfortunately after 8 days I’m only seeing this now. Going to work on on the final iteration tonight.
Thank you for the feedback

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Hello fabeeobreen.
Thank you so much for your feedback.
I’ve updated the design to the specifications

Hey @mawa!
Much better! There are some minor issue to be fixed:

  • Holes in the hands and wrist connection
  • Hole on the shoulder (check dance animation)
  • This is not really an issue but: you would probably want to smooth the normals on the both?!

Check images:

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Hello @fabeeobreen. Thank you for the quick and valuable feedback.
Please refer to my latest upload for the updated changes.
Thank you

Hello @mawa much better!
There are still some holes in the hands, can you fix them?
Also, can you reduce the material number to 2 ?

@fabeeobreen thank you again for the valuable feedback.

I’ve tried to improve the fingres. My biggest problem is trying to compress all my triangles into 3 materials . So i have to combine some items into one.
Hope it is better now.

Hey @mawa !
Much way better!
Do you want to fix the last issue with the right hand’s fingers?
everything else works fine :slight_smile:

Thanks let me fix it now

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@fabeeobreen I think i got them all this time.
Please check out the update.
Thank you

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Hey @mawa good job!
Collection approved.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @fabeeobreen.
You’re such an awesome mod.

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You are welcome! Cheers! :smiley:

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Hello. I have a question If there is something i would like to change on an already uploaded design, are there any extra costs to that or does DCL allow me to edit the wearable whenever?
Thank you.