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MZ Christmas Top Hat

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MetaZone Top Hat wit ROVI

Hello will check this now

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:raised_hands: Muchas gracias = Thank you! :pray:

Hello @dalia !
Add hides: hair, top head

Hi @fabeeobreen,
If we hide hair and top head do we get extra topology to implement so that we can give a hair style attached to the hat?

Alternatively, if we make the circumference of the hat large enough to encompass most hair styles will that suffice? Don’t want our avatars forced bald! :slight_smile:

Hello @PepeGawd !
Yes you can keep hat category and hide hair: this will give you a 1500 tris budget if you plan to integrate your custom hair. I suggest to hide top head as well due the height of your wearable.

Yes you can try to make it work with most of hairstyle, personally i would suggest you to create your custom hair and include them in the wearable.

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Hi @fabeeobreen just updated the glb files with @PepeGawd update, let me know if it works!

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Collection approved! @dalia @PepeGawd

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Thank you @fabeeobreen and @PepeGawd!

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HI @fabeeobreen hoping you can help! I just noticed I misspell :frowning: If i’m not mistaken, once the name is there I cant change it?

Incorrect name: MetaZone Top Hat wit ROVI
Correct Name: MetaZone Top Hat with ROVI

Basically missed an “h”, can you help me?

Hello @dalia !
It is not possible to change name after the collection is published

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