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Hello,Please do not check them now. Correct files will be replaced soon.

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hello @michi , Completed file uploaded, please check. Thankful .

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Hello @michi , I am waiting for your feedback…!

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Hey @armannft_punks , I’m just waiting on a collective opinion from the curation team before moving forward with this approval!
I will @ you when approved or with further feedback ~

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@michi Excellent, I’m waiting for a collective opinion from the curation team. Thanks for your review.

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Hey @armannft_punks , feedback from the team has come back. This design will have issues in game when the later updates are released. Currently this is more of a scene object and less of a digital fashion or clothes accessory. Could you please update it to be more of a wearable design?

You can do this by simplifying the design to be part of the avatar, scaling down the assets and having it part of an outfit?

Let me know if I can help with this further as it can be tricky!

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@michi ، Yes, they are accessories and they are in the same category. In the market, we see many designs that are not wearable and are around the avatar, and are approved without any problems. How do I make it wearable? I can attach them to the shirt and make the speakers smaller and attach them to the waist, will this solve the problem? I have designed this before. There was no problem in approving it, all the restrictions were observed, you suggest me what to do. This is just a professional case from the previous one.

@michi , Every day we see many designs that are placed around the avatar, such as lights, flying objects, etc., that are approved without any problems. How they fall into the category of accessories but not a DJ system in the category of accessories. It is not possible to verify the speaker around the avatar. It must wear the speaker. Can not avatar have a laptop? Should I wear a laptop avatar? I used the Top Head category so it definitely does not need to be worn and can be hung around. Like many other designs that have been approved.

Currently a massive surrounding object:

But consider looking at different placement and scaling using different category options. I’ve just done this quickly as an example~

@michi , You designed them very well, but people with other item may interfere with their other item if they use my item, so they are not interested in using it, the DJ device should be flat, otherwise no DJ the interest in using a DJ device? I have observed all the restrictions, why do not you let them hang around the avatar?

@michi , If I make the overall size significantly smaller, is it possible to confirm?

You can have a try at updating the design and I can re-review but I would recommend making it less of a scene and more or a wearable~

Just drop me an @ when you’re ready!


@michi , Ok, I will try to take it away from the shape of a scene and then let you know.

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@michi , I weighed the two parts of the device with hands and made the speakers smaller and weighed them on the head and it is located on the top of the head and I made the DJ device and the laptop as small as possible. please check it .Thankful .

Not the best but better. Looking at the previously approved dj set, I wonder if you can scale down the laptop and move to the one side:

Then I’ll approve since it’s similar to something already on market~

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@armannft_punks Possibly make the speakers headphones which will make the design feel a bit tidier but that’s a recommendation and not an approval pre-requisite, totally up to you~

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@michi , I moved the laptop to the direction you mentioned.
I removed the speakers and added a headphone instead.
I weighed the headphones on the head.
Of course, the headphone are slightly higher and larger than the head so as not to interfere with the hair items, hat, helmet and other items.
Please check it again, thank you.

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Haha my comment was more around moving to one side so there’s more room around the avatar and not the actual placement of the laptop. I can see you’ve scaled it all down a bit more which good tho and the headphones are epic! Thank you for being so patient with the updates~

This is approved! Let me know if I can support further in the future!

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