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MA Twerk 357

MA CatWalk 02

MA C-Walk 01

I will check collection now!

Hello! Emotes doesn’t work in-game, avatar just looks static, something wrong…

Also, thumbnails are broken, make sure to re-generate them when you will solve issue with broken emotes


How can I test them myself in the world? I tried before, but they don’t appear.

How can I fix the animations? You say they appear in a static pose, but they look fine in the editor and the thumbnail. Can you guide me on what might be wrong?

Use this button inside collection to test wearables in-world

Builder use a bit different engine and avatar settings compared to world, so make sure to always test results in-world.

I think you have some problems with skeleton bone names or whatever

Make sure to use export settings from docs Creating Emotes | Decentraland Documentation to avoid issues

Yes I think they are ready now :slight_smile:

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collection approved!

Hello, I edited the thumbnail of an emote and now its status is Unsynced. What does that mean?

Hello @mocapanimations!
Any changes should be re-approved by curator, I will take a look now

collection re-approved!