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Metafox Crew

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Metafox Crew Member


Metafox Crew Member

category: helmet
rarity: rare
*technical specifications: *
366 triangles
*3 materials *
2 textures

here some screenshots from the builder:

here also some screenshot taken in world:

any suggestions and comments are appreciated. Can’t wait to hear what you think!


So sick!! Can’t wait to see these around DCL

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Really really cool! Can’t wait to see more of the crew. Your profile picture suggests more to come, or maybe I’m wrong? :wink:

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you’re right, a boss version has already been created! :wink:

Thank you so much Mimmo :heavy_heart_exclamation:

@iacob_visual_90 :partying_face: I definitively want to be part of the crew :fox_face: :fire: waiting for it to be approved!

@einstein here a little preview for you!
If “metafox crew” will be approved, I will create different version and animals including this one!
Concept WIP

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Looks very cute! :smiley: Great job on this one!

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Really nice one! Can’t wait to see them and new ones on the marketplace :star_struck:

Thank you @MetaWear
I would really appreciate your feedback also on this wearable I created :raised_hands:

Hi @MetaWear
Can you tell me something about the time of approvation process?
Thank you

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It varies, since the curators are very busy with all the submits. It can easily go up to 2 weeks. We waited 9 days for our community pants which is now approved. Have patience, and bump the post so now and then!

you have been very clear, thanks for the explanation

love this design!!!

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I really like this! Great work, i’m excited to see it in game!

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@dogman @Frank Thank you guys! Take a look at this magic hat I’ve created

can’t wait to know what you think about it!

That’s awesome!! Hope to see it soon with other textures !! :love_you_gesture:t3:

Ehi bro, thank you so much! Please take a look also at this one:


New screen of the Boss Crew WIP

How to make it gold/metal?
@MetaWear @Frank @dogman @michi @einstein @METArtisan @Cryptonian

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