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Meta watch for Ukraine

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Watch for Ukraine

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Hi, is there any news because it still on review?

3 days and still nothing…

Hey, I’ll review this, sorry for the delay. Must have flown under the radar~
I can see the category is wrong, can you update to be a jewellery set under earring category with the thumbnail showing 50% the category description or set up a shirt to go with the watch and have it as upper body category!

Currently the placement will have issues with clipping, please update.

Have a look at this collection and match setup to this which will save you a lot of back and forth, its placement is correct and thumbnail showing 50% of the category item.

Thank you and let me know how you go!

Thank you for the insight, I put is as a earring, even if it’s not, but ok. Like this can be published?
You guys should make a category bracelet, would be very nice.

Hey @rafael ! Have a quick re-review of the feedback given~
Can you update the placement to avoid clipping and also update the thumbnail to be reflective of the category. So for this to be approved please update it to be a jewellery set (earring and watch) under the earring category or make an upper body shirt.

Try to have a look at approved watches for placement and thumbnail layout, it will save you some time.
As per my previous comment, here is a really good reference:

Got it, so how about the upper body with the t-shirt, now can work?
Thank you a lot for your help.

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This is super close to approval~

Currently on female the hips dont seem to be weighted and are sliding off~
Make sure for hips it’s weighted 100% to the hip armature with no conflict from other armatures.

Let me know how you go!

Thank you a lot, I’ll work on it tomorrow. I didn’t saw that failure. I can’t use the world, it’s not connecting I don’t know why. But I’ll correct it and get back to you. Thanks!!!

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No stress, you got this!

This is it!!! (I think) Thank you a lot for the help, I really appreciate.

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Male is all good to go just female still seems to be having issues, can you check the weighting again to make sure theres nothing effecting the hip area except the hip bone?
Looking good though!

UPDATED. I hope this is it!!! I cannot test in the word, I always got an error, but I tested in the editor with different lower bodys and poses, and I think it’s working fine, hope so. thanks once again,

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You did it!
All approved~~~

Awesome, thank you a lot for your help, without your advice wouldn’t be possible to do it, thanks

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Hi Michi, I put my wereable on sale already, but I cannot see it on the marketplace, is there a delay to show there or I’m missing something? Should I mint the items myself first? thanks,

hey, thats super strange. Your collection is published and approved so not sure why it’s not showing up. I’ll close it and approve again so let me know if there’s still an issue!

no, still not available to be purchased, this is the link of the wereable: and this is the image that I see when I connect to another wallet. The button to purchase the item simply does not exist… Can you help?

I just found it in the marketplace, by looking for items that are not on sale, but my item is on sale, it’s free but on sale… why I cannot purchase it? very strange…

Ok, I found out the problem, decentraland is not showing free itens in the marketplace, I put a price of 0.00000001 MANA, now it’s working.

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