Collection 'Meta watch for Ukraine' created by 0x80b0...796f8 is ready for review!

So sorry, I thought I replied! Feel free to DM me with any issues if I dont reply. I think due to the traffic in the forum, notifications aren’t coming through.

thank you, they are all gone, I publish it and people minted them all, not from a different wallet but from the same, like each wallet got 10-20-50 pieces… to bad… I’ll publish it again, this time allowing it to be minted only once per wallet, is this possible?

I just published another one:
can you review that please? And let me know if it’s possible to have it on sale only once per wallet?

Problem solved, I change the t-shirt design, and the watch now have the colors inverted, where was blue is now yellow and vice-versa. Here the picture of what is now:
and what was before:
It’s almost good to go, besides the rarity…
It is possible to allow only one purchase per wallet? I was chatting on decentraland discord and seems that it’s not possible, if it’s not possible I would like to make this wearable common and not epic, to avoid people just picking up and not even using it. I tried to change it on the editor, but it gives me error, can you help me changing the rarity to commom?


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