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Mask of the Flame

Hey all. Can I get a timeline as to when my NFT will get reviewed please? Thanks!

Actually, I found out why my mask is on the floor vs the avatar’s head. Is there anyway for me to upload the fixed version?


Hello @collections

Can I get an update on this please?


hi i will review your mask now

please check your weight painting

Hi Sango,

Thank you for your response. I have an updated version with correct weight paint application. How do I upload this copy?

you will have a white pencil icon here to change the model

Thank you Sango. I have uploaded the fixed version.

could you add a backface in

Ah ok. Thanks for spotting that. I will work on getting that fixed today.

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Hi Sango,

Just a side note, we use sandbox to test our mask. Looking at the reverse side of the mask, I see the colors match the front part of the mask:


I reimported the mask in Blender and in edit mode, I see the mesh as well.

Can you help point out what we’re missing here? I am most likely misunderstanding what you’re asking me to do. My apologies.


Hi @Sango

I opened up my Blender editor again and enabled Face Orientation in Edit Mode and I see the inside part of the mask “red” which I guess indicates that backface is enabled:


Is this what you are referring to?

And also in the DCL editor, the mask is not clipped:



add a solidify modifier to add some backfaces

Thanks Sango.

Here’s my setting:


and have updated in my collection.

please apply the modifier and reupload

haha yeah I just noticed that myself when the triangle count didn’t change. I reuploaded with the applied modifier.

great, could you simplifiy the mesh thats on the back so it is below 500 tris total now?

Hi @Sango ,

I thought the total triangle count for a wearable is 1.5k?

500 for accessories :slight_smile: