Collection 'Maskulinity' created by Ryzor#b4cd is ready for review!

Ah ok. Thanks for the confirmation. Give me till tomorrow to fix this.

Hi @Sango

So we tried our best to lower it by using the decimate modifier. Removing the vertices in the back of the mask couldn’t get us to <=500 without destroying the look of the mask. I have uploaded the updated version which should show 492 triangles.


nice, this collection has now been approved!

Sweet thanks @Sango.

Btw @Sango what are the instructions for minting?

on the collection there will be a switch that says “on sale” you can flip that to set them on sale or click “…” and select mint, i believe

I see. Thanks. I just saw our first published item on the Marketplace!!! My son and I are so excited!!

By the way, I just published another if you have extra cycles in your schedule. :wink:

You have been awesome in guiding me through all this.