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Lollipop Candy

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Lollipop Candy


Hey, we don’t have a hand category right now and the top_head category is a bit misleading since this is located in the hand. You should add something to the head if you wanna keep it as top_head, or alternatively make the wearable part of the upper_body

What about the exo-blade listing we saw that and went with this category. We want you to be able to wear any shirt and hold it in the hand. The magic wand is in the tiara category.

Do that or use the hat category like the metadroid beam cannon?

great lolipop !! hope approval soon

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Cool, but mine is better :wink:
Take a look:

Yes I saw that congrats!

Hey I just changed the category to hat.

Great :slight_smile: but you still need to add something to the head part to make the category make sense

Ok can you explain what the magic wand in the tiara category added to the tiara so I can add the same thing.

What did the metadroid beam cannon add to the hat?

What do you think now?
lipstick on my lolipop

Hey, appreciate you making the change, but I’d say the category is still misleading, on the neck is not top head

What category would that be mask?

none, there is no neck category. The closest would be earring i suppose, but it’s still not accurate. You have to change it to make more sense with the existing categories

If I do the lips on the cheek is that a head or mask category?

I got it added earrings in the earring category! Thank you!

although the earrings are inside out it seems, you need to flip faces

Oh snap good catch! Thanks!

How does it look now?