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Lokelani Rose Lei (Maui Strong)

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Lokelani Lei (Maui Strong)

This is a flower lei that will be given away at a Maui tragedy awareness event. We will provide official links for people to donate at their discretion. The lei is given to attendees; no donation necessary. Art by Metatiger. Event by Bufalo. The flower (Lokelani) is the Official flower of Maui island in Hawaii.

@Yannakis, @HirotoKai, If you have time could you look at this or have someone pick it up. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

Hey @roots I can shortly check this!

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Wearable looks good! Just need to make sure that the earrings take 50% of thumbnail and that the graphic doesn’t touch the frame

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

OK, The thubnail has been changged,

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Collection approved!


Thank you so much. Come to Bufalo’s Saloon for charity awareness for Maui fires on thursday 8pm UTC. Attendees will receive this lei.