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Little Black Dress

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LBD Skirt


Hi there. FYI the dress and skin are two separate meshes with two different materials. In some places the dress is on top of the skin, but I made the dress loose to prevent collisions.

It was looking a little polygonal in the chest so I added some geometry and submitted a revision.


There are a couple of issues with this

Looks like flipped normals on the back of the dress

And the inside is transparent, you need to add some geometry there

And the upper body does not match with the lower body. The bottom part of the upper body has to be 100% skinned to the Hip joint, otherwise it doesn’t match up with the lower bodies.

Same on the lower part. Looks like either unmerged vertices or flipped normals, and the inside is transparent, so you need to add geometry there.

Hello @Chestnutbruze did a complete re-do. Clean geometry and good weighting at the hips.

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I really like the design of the dress! great job

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Thanks @TheGoldGuy . My modeling skills are leveling up quickly, if I do say so myself.

Nice and stylish good job ser

Looks like the skinning around the waist still needs some work. The area directly around the hip needs to be 100% skinned to the hip joint, otherwise it won’t match up with the upper_body hip area

And there’s a flipped normal on the front part of the right shoulder

@Chestnutbruze when you say 100% skinned to the hip joint, does that mean I need to remove all weights to the other joints except the hip?

@Chestnutbruze I re-weighted and I think it looks good. I also fixed the geometry. It was ripped which caused the flipped normal.

I didnt notice this last time

But the neck joint is experiencing some clipping as well. And looks like the upper_body neck portion is not aligning with the neck of the head model. Make sure the vertices at the neck of the upper_body is aligned with the corresponding vertices on the neck of the head model.

And lastly, the thumbnails cannot include other wearables, in the thumbnail you include both the lower body and the upper body, but you need to include just 1.

Btw, these wearables can be combined into 1. You could have uploaded the entire dress as upper body and then removed ‘‘Lower_body’’ in the overrides. Just FYI if you still want to do that

I actually want to sell them separately. But even if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to model the top and bottom under 1500 triangles. Or if I hide the bottom, do I get a 3,000 tri limit?

I will have to think about the neck. It is part of the design that it comes into the neck area. Maybe if I raise it up it will collide beneath the dress and you won’t see the collision. Or I could alter the neckline.

I widened the neck of the dress so it would not collide with the neck of the avatar. Also, modified the thumbnails to only show each item.

Appreciate you fixing the thumbnails.

About the neck. If you make sure that the vertices on the upper_body neckline align perfectly with the head neckline, then you won’t have any issues with clipping. That’s how all the other wearables are done in regards to the neck

yes if you combine both upper_body / lower_body you can use the triangle cap from both, so the new cap would be 3k. But it’s up to you if you wanna do that, was just a suggestion

This is very frustrating. Thank you for your help.

Attached are the screenshots of new geometry. Matches pretty close, with some wiggle room.
I assigned the weights for the straps 100% to the neck. That was the main problem. Now she dances with no clipping.

I also shortened the dress.

Good enough, approving it now :+1:

Oh sorry, @Chestnutbruze I made one minor revision. I raised the lower half up a bit to reduce the gap between the lower half and the upper half when she shifts her hips to the side.