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Asymmetric - by Cielo

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Sexy Dress & Heels - by Cielo

  • Description: A classy asymmetrical dress, lace stockings and high heels.
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: upper_body

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Some in world pics.
This wearable is for upper, lower and feet.
It includes the asymmetrical dress, lace stockings, high heels, necklace, cuffs & polished nails.
The stockings tint along with the body skin tinting.

Modified the dress based on some discord feedback, to make it have some glowy ‘sparkles’ and also made the heel parts of the shoes glow very slightly to match.

Oh this is totally a vibe!!! Yassss!!

hi i will review this collction now

could you reduce the tris and textures?

Hiya Sango, thank you for reviewing this. It was my understanding from checking other wearables comments, that when using multiple body sections that you can conbine the tris and textures from those sections. Info found in this comment:
I am using 3 body sections, normally 1500 tris, 2 mats and 2 textures each, so should be 4500tris, 6 mats and 6 textures allowed if my calculations are correct.

If this is not correct, could you please point me towards a link with the correct information on limits when combining body segments, so I know how that is calculated.

Thankyou for the clarification. Can you let me know where this information is from? Before starting creating my outfit I went through the docs and then hunting through reviews comments trying to find this kind of information.

I think I can rework the dress to pull in the tris to under 4k. And also I think I can get the mats to 2 and textures down to 3. I have seen a few outfits with 3 textures, so I’m guessing that should be okay. I’ll get started on the changes and ping you as soon as I have them done.

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this is from the committees handbook.

yes if one of the textures is the skin texture that’d be fine. thanks for your cooperation

All Updated Sango, thanks for waiting.

Could you possibly put it forward to whoever upkeeps the official docs, that it would be very helpful to creators to have the information about the combined limits that you have posted here.

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thank you, could you reupload your file. there was an issue generating the thumbnail.

Oh, lucky it glitched out, I had originally put a custom thumbnail in there.

All fixed up now, thank you so much!

collection has been approved :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Sango, muchly appreciated!

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