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Lazy Paddler - Gale Force

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Windswept anime hair

  • Description: Spiky hair with customizable color.
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: hair

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Hey! Cool hair!

You left the texture as a mesh in the same file, hehe.

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I thought I had to leave a texture in there… even if I was not coloring my mesh, so I just used the default one. I will fix and reload, then post here. Thank you. I wish I had thought to come out to the forum before, I did not realize I needed to check the forum for feedback.


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Okay, all set and ready for review! I uploaded the file without the extra mesh. I’m learning! If this goes well, I’ll know how to build more. Thanks for your assistance.


@Shibu tagging you because I’m not sure how to appropriately notify you that my item is ready for re-review.

Hi @Shibu ! I’m hoping you can assist me with a review of my hair mesh that you looked at in December. I think it is ready to go.

Hey @Qriator I’ll continue the review from this point. Checking the item now.

Looks good just some flipped normals here

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Okay, I think I fixed the normals, and added a patch for a missing face. Please have a look. Thanks!

Collection approved!

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Thank you! Minted. :smiley:

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