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Knight by MOYA x Ecoolska

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Will check this now!

Please push a small change like an additional tag. Item wasnt correctly pushed to curation

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Most faces have to be made double sided so they dont appear transparent bc of backface culling

Hi Yannakis, can you check again please? I uploaded new model. Thank you

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Need to do the same for the shoulder pads. I notice some clipping at the circled area not and also need to reduce the tris count closer to the 5k limit

Hi I upload again, and should be fixxed now. Can you check for me? Thank you

Please reduce the tris count to 5k

Is is nessesary? The quality will be very bad, it is impossible. I didn’t find it has to be 5000 triangles in rules before. Everyhing is working really well in game in real world. It is for Fashion week. For one brand called Ecoolska and we are doing same design as they already have. Is it ok? Thank you for understanding.

The tris limit is 5k. Unfortunately I cant approve the wearable unless its under that limit.

Can you please share with me where is this rule in creator steps? I didnt see it. Thank you

Thank you, we tried to make it then smaller. Can you check now? Thank you

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Collection approved!

Hey, can u please change the background on the thumbnail to be transparent?