Collection 'Wings by MOYA' created by Moya is ready for review!

Hi, thank you for feedback, I will check all you mentioned and come back to you. Is it possible to send you new files tomorrow, I will fix them? Or I have to paid again the fee 150 dollars? Should I write you here or on email? Thank you, Natalia

Hello @Natalia !
For sure you can update your files anytime you want, you will not need to pay the publication fee again.
You can upload your new glb files with the editor by clicking on the little pencil icon.
Once you are ready with the new versions just ping me up here and I will check again :slight_smile:

Hello @fabeeobreen, we checked everything and again did the rig plus changes the thumbnail. Can you check if it is working now? So far in editor looks like everything is correct

Also I am adding here link on our process, you can have look if we have it correct as well: Process_check - Google Docs

Thank you for help.

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Hello @Natalia !

  • You are still using the wrong armature. It looks like your are having extra “leaf bones”.
    When you import .fbx armature makes sure to check “Ignore leaf bones” (see image)
  • You can preview your wearables inworld by clicking on “see in world” , with Goerli network.
  • Skin weights seems to be ok! Will check this in game with the updated wearable.
    Let me know if you need further support! :slight_smile:

Hi there, I have fixxed the formats. But in editor I can add only 1 new file but my wings are 2 files one for female and one for man. How can I upload both? I am sending here link where you can see them: Moya wings - Google Drive

I uploaded the male only glb. In preview in word, it looked great. Can you check?

Thank you

On clicked and upload a new glb but I have 2 glbs. How can I upload both like at beggining?

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Hello @Natalia
You can click on your collection, then look for “Representations” and click > Add

Ok, should be there. Please check now, it works for me nice.

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Collection approved! :slight_smile: @Natalia

Hi Fab, please can I ask you why when I search in market place the name: Wings under skin or just some tags: wings. I cannot see our asset? I see only these, I will list today new asset but I am scared that the visibility in marketplace has some bugs? Or how it works please? Thank you

Hello @Natalia !
Have you put your item available for public sale?
You can find “put for sale” clickiing on your collection.
Also your wearable is not a skin but an upper body, when you search for it use the main “wearable” category above the others one.

Thank you, didnt know that. Now it should be for sale. Also I want today list another asset a skin but I want to change the name without again creating new collection. Is is posible? I want to change this name on Knight by MOYA x Ecoolska


Hello @Natalia !
You can change the item name anytime.
You will not be able to change collection name after you sign the transaction to publish the collection.

You will be able to modify your collection name only before submitting it for approvation:
Go on your collection and click on the little pencil icon

Hi Fab, I managed to list another asset. But I didnt get any feedback from anyone. You are always so fast, can you check if someone is taking care of it as you did for our wings? It was knight.

Hello @Natalia ! :slight_smile:
Each time you publish a new collection a new forum post is automatically created.
You can find the link within the editor (… >3 dots icon >view forum post)

Here is the link to your new wearable where @Yannakis wrote the needed corrections :slight_smile:

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Hi Fab, please I added MVFW2023 tag and it is says we are unsync. What it means please? We are not green but yellow.

Hello @Natalia !
Every time you push a modification the item must be re approved.
I’ll check this now and approve it as soon as network is not congested

collection approved!

Hi Fab, there is 2 week some problem with collection. Can you have a look? I am sad that it is not approved again. Thank you

Hello @Natalia !
Collection is approved again!
Every time you submit a change, even if you add/remove any tag, the item will automatically disable until changes are approved again. Mind to post here in the forum to let us know if you do so :slight_smile: